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Curricular products

The final output of the workshop included a diverse and innovative set of curricular design products, including: 9 concentration & certificate programs; 7 efforts for courses, course components, or curricular alignments; 6 degree programs; and 3 training and professional development programs. These designs spanned traditional disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Engineering, and Health, as well as more interdisciplinary STEM programs. These materials were targeted at a broad array of audiences including STEM majors and non-majors, first-year students, disciplinary majors in upper-level courses, college faculty, preservice teachers, student leaders, and college STEM-bound high school students.

Despite the range of content covered and audiences targeted by these different curricular designs, one thing stayed constant: the intentional, meaningful and contextually relevant integration of foundational, meta, and humanistic knowledge.

The collection below includes details of each of these curricular design initiatives as well as an associated sub-element (such as activities, course descriptions, handbooks etc.) to clarify the direction and substance of the larger product.